HIKE: 2.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Lead, South Dakota

The next day, to get our legs warmed up we did a short hike. It was the perfect blend of off and on a trail - meaning the roads weren't paved, we were in the woods, but the trail was really well maintained. Because it was our first, we took it kind of slow and made sure the knees were good to go. Happy to report, there was no pain, or at least, she didn't tell me there was any pain - so this is a good one for anyone with that concern. Plus, bonus, there are lots of animal tracks, flowers, and a waterfall to keep you going.

On our way to Bighorn Canyon National Park, we drove along Hogback Ridge. We were going to get out and do another hike, but there was still a few feet of snow on the ground where the trail heads started and there was a massive rainstorm threatening to unleash its worst on us. However, none of that stopped us from enjoying the view.

HIKE: 0.8-mile loop over poorly marked trails, some bouldering required

Although short, we definitely took it up a notch with our second hike of the day. Worth the absolutely amazing view, you will go over uneven ground, walk on an uncut trail, and have to climb over some boulders to get to it. There are trail markers which help to find your way, but we went off the path a bit to get a look at the canyons from higher vantage points. This was one of many times I was really impressed with my mom. She took on everything like a champ and although definitely a little scarier for the knees, she said she didn't feel any pain.