After I got back from Africa I decided to shoot over to Moab for the weekend. It was an impromptu trip so I didn’t have anything planned really, at all. I know, very unlike me. The drive to Moab was awesome. Man our country is a pretty one. Anyway after I made it to Moab and drove through the Scenic Byway, I decided to find a place to stay for the night.

I ended up staying at the Slip Rock Campground – which allowed for either tent or car camping. I had brought my tent, so I was all set to do that, but my camp spot was overtaken with ants. They were there first, so I figured it was only fair to let the literally hundreds of ants just have the area. I slept very comfortably in the back of my car. Unfortunately, my automatic lights decided not to sleep that night and I awoke to a dead battery. Opps. Thank goodness the man to my right, who battled the ants all night, gave me a jump and I was able to spend the day enjoying playing in the mountains of Moab. I even made it to one of the higher points on the mountain for the sunrise.

I hiked to the arch, had lunch with an absolutely gorgeous view, and then made my way around as much of the land as I could cover before heading back to my homestead. It was a great weekend … I definitely want to go back when I have a full three days to spend.