I am fairly sure I have mentioned it before but I count myself quite the little Calamity Jane, minus the true parts of her story ... or really any par of her story. In real life, I'm more of a When Calls The Heart girl but in my head, Calamity Jane all the way. Anyway, if you are a wannabe Calamity Jane and you are in the Tetons, the one thing your heart wants is to get on the back of a horse and cowboy up the mountain. So that is what we did. Except ... well you see ... we didn't expect bad weather.

Now, for the most part the trial ride along the cliff was rather uneventful. Uneventful until the lightening and rain started. Our guides, who were absolutely wonderful, were very reassuring and I believed them, right up until a woman's horse freaked out a little and almost backed off the ridge. They rushed to her, grabbed her rains, and pulled her back up but let me tell you, I definitely wasn't Calamity Jane in that situation. My heart was about to beat out of my chest I was so scared and that was also the exact moment that I realized I didn't really know how to ride a horse either. So lessons are going on the list ... maybe ... one day. Because those views were worth it, and probably would have been even more enjoyable if I wasn't afraid of falling to my death with Frank - my horse. Who, I might add, wasn't exactly happy himself after seeing the near death of a stranger. 


I guess it is worth mentioning that we rented amazing Airbnbs for our entire trip. And the one we chose for this leg of the trip was situated at the base of the Tetons. But that wasn't the best part. The best part is that we were right near the largest potato in the world.