Zion National Park
Hike: Emerald Pools Upper Path
Distance: 3 miles total
Elevation change: 350 feet - it's classified as strenuous to the upper pools 

Zion is one of those places you want to get lost in for days. There are hikes that sound like what you might have experienced if you were explorers doing it for the first time. They require wading through water, climbing, and walking along ledges. Although we are pretty cool and were well experienced at that point. We decided to do one of the "easier hikes." 

While it wasn't the hardest I have done, it definitely wasn't easy. There was bordering involved, a pretty steep grade to climb (given the miles you are walking), and the number of people sitting on the trail, out of breath and looking like they might not make it was more than 10. I am more than happy to report that not only was my mom not one of those people, she kicked butt. At one point a physical therapist ran across our path and stopped, noticing my mom's scar, and told her she was her hero. It was kind of a magical moment. I have one of the coolest moms in the world, I'm convinced but now strangers are loving on her - just kind of clinched it for me. 

Anyway, I want to go back and do some of the harder hikes for sure - so it's going on the bucket list/ the recommend list.