The Pacific Railroad

On the way to Salt Lake we stopped and saw the site where the last last railway tie was drove completing the pacific railway. It was pretty incredible because we happened to be there when they decided to run the train and give a little talk about how the trains ran, practices, and give a little history behind the railway. I highly recommend the stop to anyone who enjoys history even a little bit. Very cool place. Plus as a bonus, the guys who work there were very nice and I am guessing don't see a ton of people - so you just might make their day. 

Salt Lake City

We spent two days in Salt Lake City and did some pretty doggone neat things while we were there. Because we are two cool ladies, my mom and I hit up just about every quilt shop known to man. I personally had never made a quilt in my life but I had this wild idea that I wanted to make one for someone I loved. At first it was just a thought that I had on day one of arriving and hitting our first quilt shop. Then, it become a full blown - I definitely should do this the second day, around the third quilt shop. I actually didn't buy any of the fabric there, but Salt Lake will forever be the inspiration for that quilt. 

Ok so was it all quilts? No, heck no. There was a significant period of time spent at the genealogy center researching my family history. There were sandwiches, Mexican food, salads, and wine. And there was the zoo. Lastly, there was a hike - a really cool hike by the Salt Lakes. It was rough, in the middle of nowhere, and only about 2.5 miles, but it was actually one of my favorite ones. You see, I have this thing about water. I have always found it to be a place of peace and joy for me, so hiking and looking out over a body of water - man, it just made me praise God right then and there.