HIKE: Presidential Trail: 0.6 miles, 422 stairs
WEATHER: Light drizzle

Mount Rushmore was pretty darn cool. I definitely recommend walking the Presidential Trail and reading all the markers you pass. Learning the how behind the massive carvings was really interesting. The accompanying museum is worth the walk through as well. There is a short film that is just the right amount of "how to act in gym in the 1960s" to be cool, entertaining, and informative. Side note, there are a ton of kids - which are easier to avoid outside than in. Second side note, you get to pass through a pretty neat wild west style town and see a lot of gun slinging action on the way up to Mount Rushmore. You also get to see a dumping ground, possible peice of art made up of hundreds of bikes.

On the way to our first Airbnb, we stopped at a drive through safari. I think this clinched safari's for me. Not sure they are for me. Of course, I won't say no to one in Australia or South Africa, but I'll hesitate. Let's see, we saw antelopes, wolves, birds, buffalo, other animals, and lots of bears - that was the coolest part. But definitely not cool enough to suggest adding it to your itinerary.

That night we went to Deadwood City, home of the wild west. My whole childhood centered around AMC and movies like Calamity Jane, The Singing Cowboy, and anything with the Duke. Plus, real history, is equally exciting when it comes to the settling of the West. Our main goal when we entered the town was dinner and we had our hearts set on the Deadwood Social Club. This particular social club was once a brothel and the bar below it, where Wild Bill Hickock was shot and killed. The restaurant had pictures of what "soiled doves" looked like when the establishment was less than wholesome. Let me tell you, not much to look at, but then again, they were surviving in a less than ideal environment. Anyway, as the true cowboys we are, we both ordered the steak dinner and man alive, there are no words to describe just how delicious it was. This is a must do, a must eat, and a must take pictures stop. *Unfortunately, and I mean you are really missing out, only one photo of the "ladies of the night" survived our trip.