This was a trip unlike any other trip I have taken. I didn’t plan a thing. I didn’t book a flight. I did literally nothing, except buy an appropriate sized suitcase and show up at the airport in “island wear”. Let me explain.

My lovely and wonderful friend Jill (pictured here) is getting married. Now, as you may know, I don’t necessarily think that there needs to be a reason to celebrate your friends or family or life. But on the occasion when you do indeed have a reason, a real reason, you go big … in Mexico.


Candace, Jill’s MOH, planned everything, booked everything and scheduled everything. And it was all absolutely amazing. She used to book the trip and the hotel and they were great! I think. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort (my first time doing that) and it was de-light-ful. The food was yummy, the staff very accommodating and the pull out couch bed full of springs. (I jest, it was just fine)

The ONLY thing that I would suggest is bringing mosquito spray – like a trough if possible- I mean, a separate suitcase wouldn’t be out of line. At night the little buggers come out and if it is not breezy, they can be pretty unpleasant. Plus, they aren’t like normal mosquitos, oh no, they are superbugs with the ability to leave you swollen, red and crying in your delicious steak dinner. But a little bug spray and kaplow, you are golden.

I didn’t do anything extreme on this trip, unless you count the number of daiquiris I had (a lot) compared to the number I normally have (0) extreme. There was a lot of book reading – I highly suggest You Before Me, sleeping, pool time and just hanging out with some of the best ladies I know. All and all, I give this trip to Cancun a big thumbs up.